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    of being there


  • Teacher Trainings

    Anatomy and philosophy based trainings to learn, examine and practice. New trainings starting in October.

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Change is Here Again

We have decided to stop with our classes at Parq Studios at the end of June and take a break for a while.
You can read all about it in our last newsletter.

Right now we don’t know what the future will bring. If you’d like to stay connected and hear from us when we make new plans, sign up for our newsletter.

Anat & Marcel’s Teacher Training programs are going on uninterrupted. They just got a new name: The Functional Yoga Teacher Training, or for short TFY Teacher Training. You can now find all the information in the new website: tfyteachertraining.com.

Functional Yoga

All teachers in our studio teach Functional Yoga: that means we are more interested in your experience than in how you look. We respect what makes you you. Your yoga practice should not try to make you into something you are not, but to stimulate you to become the best version of yourself possible.

We Believe…

that a sincere, dedicated yoga practice can make a huge difference in our lives, infusing it with energy, insight and purpose. We believe that the world needs warriors of compassion brave enough to look at themselves with absolute honesty, use fierceness to change what needs to be changed and kindness to embrace what cannot.

Teacher Trainings

Whether you wish to actually teach yoga or simply deepen your own understanding, a teacher training program can offer you a frame to learn, examine and practice in a safe and supportive environment. All our trainings are strongly based on anatomy and philosophy, the two pillars of a good yoga practice, and are taught a limited amount of times per year to preserve its quality and authenticity.

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The Fat Yogis

Nothing compares to studying and practicing yoga with a teacher in real life. To be in the presence of someone who inspires and motivates you is simply the best.

We want to offer you the next best thing: classes done with teachers as if they are right there with you, no frills, no attitude.

All you have to do is get on your mat and turn The Fat Yogis on.

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