• Nina Jantunen


I’ve always been active and passionate about sports. The first time I tried yoga was about 8 years ago and to be honest it was not ‘a love at first sight’ as I was used to a high energy sports and yoga was something very different. After trying out several styles of yoga, I finally found the one which clicked: Yang (Vinyasa) with a bit of Yin. Ever since I’ve been in love.

I moved from Finland to the Netherlands 5 years ago and the first studio I started taking classes was Yoga Garden. Ever since I’ve continued my practise with Anat & Marcel, first following their retreats and then teacher trainings (Vinyasa, 200h) & In Depth Studies (100h).

I like giving dynamic Vinyasa lessons by creating different kinds of sequences, focusing on the functional approach and sweat a bit of course!

I create different kind of sequences, focussing on the functional approach


 19.30-21.00 Yang Vinyasa • 2

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Yoga is evenness of mind

Eknath Eswaran