• Marina Kaptijn


After a career in the dance and theatre world, I have furthered my education and now work as a teacher of dance and as coach for dancers. I give classes and workshops on physical theatre in schools and theatre companies both in the Netherlands and abroad.
Since 2000, my main yoga teachers have been Teresa Caldas (Vijnana Yoga, Portugal) and Anat Geiger (Yogagarden, Amsterdam).

Movement and imagination have always been important in my work and life, both on stage as a performer, and as a teacher in the thea-tre and dance world. The Teacher Training I have followed with Marcel and Anat at Yoga Garden has helped my fascination for the human body grow. Working from the understanding that every body is unique has expanded my approach to yoga.

Coming from a dance background, I am used to focusing on what is not there, or what is not good enough yet. Over time I have learned to listen to my body and to better recognize my own borders. The yoga practice has taught me to accept what is and to work with it.

The meditation and physical practise of yoga help me to feel at home in my own body, to settle in my head, to feel the ground under my feet and to feel confident in my heart. My goal as a teacher is to bring this to my classes.

Slow Flow Basic Yoga
A calmer Yang lesson for people who want to deepen their yoga practice by slowing down. Not just for beginners but for everyone who loves a yoga class with a slower build-up. To build self-confidence and strength, and to study the postures deeper.

The class starts with a warm-up, followed by a flow part in which the postures are more connected to each other. The Slow Flow gives you time and space to exhale and ground. In this way your body becomes calm and stable, so that you can focus your attention more inward and feel what the posture does to your body.

Movement and imagination have always been important in my work and life.


FRIDAY: 11.30-13.00 Slow Flow Basic Yoga • 1

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