• José Meulemans


I am a true believer of functional yoga, the approach of how yoga makes you feel and not how you look. That we all have different bones, muscles and weirdnesses, but on the mat there is room for all of us.

I have struggled with lower back problems and skeleton challenges all my adult life, which made me rethink over and over the poses and how they serve me instead of how I serve them. I have learned this approach at the Yoga Garden in the teacher trainings of Anat & Marcel and also at Paul & Suzee Grilley. I am so gratefull for these teachings and hope to pay it forward in all my classes.

My key focus is for students to find what is good for their body and from there we go into the ‘mind’ part. Which is, just like the asanas, a practise that changes every time you hit your mat!

Please always feel free to ask questions during class, to explore and to laugh. Hope to see you soon!

The poses serve me instead of me serving the poses

Yoga is evenness of mind

Eknath Eswaran