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All our teachers have completed at least two of our teacher trainings, and even though each has her or his very own style, they all share the same basic anatomical and philosophical understandings. They are teachers that continue to study and practice. For us, teaching yoga is a privilege – and it shows.

Anat Geiger

Anat took her first yoga class on the spring of 1996. She loved it so much she keeps on doing it do this day. During those years yoga kept unfolding and expanding, revealing every time unimaginable vistas and possibilities. The more you learn the more you begin, and the practice stays always fresh and full of joy.

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Bas van Amersfoort

Yoga zorgt dat ik nieuwsgierig ben, wil ontdekken en wil leren. Over mijzelf, over anderen en over mijn relatie met anderen. Het geeft mij handvatten een beter, eerlijker en blijer persoon te zijn. Yoga is voor mij heel nuchter. Als ik niet focus (op mijn adem), ben ik niet in het moment en val ik pardoes uit (houding).

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Betty de Regt

My journey with yoga has been a long one, i had my first classes when I was 5 years old. And yoga has always held a fascination for me. But finding my teacher was also a long path. Until I walked into YogaGarden and Anat’s classes in 2009.

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Ehud Neuhaus

Yoga has always been in my life somewhere. I remember my mother practicing at home and with her friends. When I was a young boy I did some Taekwondo, some yoga in high school and later Aikido when I came to Amsterdam.

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Ivana Korolkov

I have been teaching yoga classes for over ten years. In the course of time, I have complemented my fundamental education by Saswitha Yoga by other teacher trainings, such as the current Yin Yoga training at YogaGarden.

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Katrin Kögel

When I moved from Germany to Amsterdam in 2003, I started to practice yoga. First it was ‘just for fun’ and to get some exercise, but then, unexpectedly, it slowly started to change my life. The process of change continues even today, with all its ups and downs, in which I’m very greatful for the fabulous ‘toolbox’ of yoga.

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Marcel van de Vis Heil

Marcel started to practice yoga in the gym about 18 yrs ago. Soon after he was hooked did his first teacher training and started to teach. He was the manager of YogaGarden when it opened in 2004, and in 2009 he could take over the studio with Anat Geiger. Since 2008 they run their teacher training program.

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Robbert van Driel

I started doing yoga in 2010 after some injuries from speed skating and loved it from the beginning. It helped me get injury free and stronger than ever before!

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Sabine Blok

2009 was the year that yoga came into my life and it turned out to be the perfect addition to my other intensive sport activities. My yoga practice was mostly encouraged by the inspirational teachers Marcel van de Vis Heil and Anat Geiger.

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Yoga is evenness of mind.

Eknath Eswaran