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YogaGarden offers a variety of yoga styles.

There are many styles in yoga land, and we like to keep things simple. We use the ancient principles of yin & yang to describe our classes. In short, yin attributes refer to stillness, coolness and introspection. Yang attributes are movement, heat and strength. Combined they offer us a practice that includes everything we need. Of course there are many shades and nuances to these combinations, just like there are infinite variations of people and their needs. Some people need a lot of yang, some a lot of yin, but everybody needs both: that is why the symbol for yin and yang contains two fields, a black and a white one, with a dot of white on the black and a dot of black on the white.

Yin Yoga:

One of the most popular yoga styles of our time, and with reason: yin yoga stimulates the body deeply and is at the same time very soothing and relaxing.

The poses are all practiced on the floor, and typically we stay a few minutes in each pose. They are done with the muscles as relaxed as possible, as the goal is not to gain strength but to stimulate the flow of energy in the connective tissue of the body. So even though we stretch a lot, it is not our intention to become super flexible, but to stimulate our joints and fascia to regenerate and repair, as if tapping into an inner intelligence that has nothing to do with the intellect.

Yin yoga is relaxing but can also be intense, as some of these stretches might go deep. The teacher will always guide you to take things respectfully and slowly.


Nowadays we think of yoga as being the practice of poses, but actually the poses were developed so that we would be supple and strong enough to sit down and be still. Meditation is the heart of yoga practice.

Being still is very rare: to experience a true sense of quietness inside, where there is complete awareness and complete calmness, is a small revolution for our whole nervous system. In this quietness, we can slowly start to observe patterns of behaviour that have been guiding our lives for as long as we can remember; as we become aware of them, without fear and without reaction, they start to dissolve before our very eyes.

Meditation trains our nervous system to be quiet, slowly and progressively. In the beginning we get bored, the body complains, we fall asleep, nothing happens and we feel stupid. But within a short time a little see of that quietness appears, and then you are hooked.

Yang Yoga & its variations:

This is the most know style of yoga: we use rhythm and repetition to generate heat, develop strength and dissolve blockages, both in our bodies and in our minds. This can be done very gently, very intensively or anywhere in between.

Gentle Yoga

In this class, we focus on slowly creating space in the body so that the energy can flow freely and we can develop strength at the same time. We mobilize the hips and spine and cultivate strength in the major muscle groups, moving always calmly and mindfully. We certainly move, but the pace is never too fast. Special attention is given to the more vulnerable segments of the body, like lower back, hips and shoulders.

Dynamic Hatha

All yoga styles where we practice poses, or asanas, are Hatha yoga. Elements from various yoga styles are combined to support the development of the yoga practitioner’s potential.

In this class, the yoga poses are connected to each other in a fluent way. We pay attention to the way we move from one pose to the other, as well as to the poses themselves. Movement is synchronized with the breath, which has a meditative and relaxing effect. The postures and sequences can vary per class, which makes the classes diverse. You become stronger and more flexible while you increase your self-knowledge through working with your body.

Dynamic Hatha has a slower tempo than Yang Vinyasa, and heat plays a smaller roll. The class can still be intense but is more based on the movements then on the flow.

Yang Vinyasa Yoga

This is a very dynamic class where coordination, breath and flow combine to create heat and strength. Sun Salutations and its variations build up stamina and endurance, both physically and mentally. A great class to hear your mind come up with amazing justifications not to do things!

Yin Yang Yoga:

Our specialty! This class combines the best of both worlds to deliver a full journey of strength and vulnerability, will power and acceptance. Some classes offer more yang and a little yin, and some some yang and a lot of yin, so check the schedule to make sure you get what you need.

Yin Yang Vinyasa Yoga

Yin Yang Vinyasa is a sweaty, definitely yang class and than ends up in delicious, relaxing yin.

To bear and not to own; to act and not lay claim; to do the work and let it go: for just letting it go is what makes it stay.

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching