• 200 hours – Portugal – Oct 8-22 & Oct 26 – Nov 9, 2018

    Yin & Functional Vinyasa

Surrounded by trees, rocks and mountains, we immerse ourselves in the teachings of yoga from morning to evening. This training covers the basics of yoga philosophy, functional anatomy, the main yoga poses and how to teach them efficiently. Every day starts with a meditation session, followed by a varied and delicious breakfast. Then a morning session, lunch, an afternoon break for rest and study and another session before dinner. The food is vegan/vegetarian, organic, fresh and local, designed by the wonderful house chefs. Everything is designed to give you the perfect opportunity to dedicate yourself fully to your studies and practices. This course will be rounded with a practical and a written tests.

What you will learn

Our Yin & Functional vinyasa Yoga Teachertraining is based on the philosophical and anatomical principles as taught by our teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley, Combined with over 40 yrs of experience of Anat and Marcel
In order to be able to help every single student, whether they’re beginners or experienced, stiff or flexible, old or young, we need more that a set of rules that is supposed to fit them all. That is an aesthetic approach: we want the pose to look a certain way. The knee should be in a specific place, the foot should point over there, the shoulder should be in line with something else. According to this approach, by looking at a student you can tell what she needs, and correct her.
In a functionalapproach we are not worried about how a pose should look but instead we focus on what a pose should be doing, or in other words, where you should be feeling it. We communicate to our students what we want them to feel, and give them options to adapt the pose until the pose works for them. Instead of working towards an aesthetic ideal we are making the pose available and beneficial to everybody in class, respecting their differences and abilities.

The curriculum for this program includes:

  • The underlying principles of Yoga
  • 14 Skeletal Segments and their movements
  • Skeletal variations and their importance in teaching yoga
  • Muscle groups and how they work
  • Target areas and functional analysis of the postures
  • Yoga postures, their variations and how to teach them
  • How to sequence a class
  • Daily yin & yang asana practice
  • Teaching skills and practice
  • Philosophy: an introduction to the Yoga sutra’s of Patanjali
  • Chakra theory and meditation
  • The concepts of karma, samskaras, vrittis and vasanas, and how they relate to our daily life
  • Assisted Yin

Who is it for

The training is meant for anybody who has been practicing yoga for at least a year, and wants to teach yoga or wants to have a deeper understanding of yoga. This training is meant to give you a thorough understanding of the human anatomy, which we believe will be immensely valuable in your teachings; we will look into the vocabulary of Yoga postures and their variations and learn how to teach ans sequence them. We will also explore the chakras, their location their location and effect on our lives, and how we can meditate on them meditation

Dates for this programme are October 8-22 & October 26 – November 9, 2018
This is a 200-hour program, recognized by Yoga Alliance.
In order to receive a certificate, students are required to attend all sessions, and to conclude all homework assignments. There will be no examination but a couple of practical and theoretical test during the course.
In addition, the Chakra studies are based on the teachings of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama and Paramahansa Yogananda.


Day 1: Arrival day
18.00-19.00 group gathering
19.00 Dinner

Day 2-13
7.30-8.00 Meditation
8.00-9.30 breakfast
9.30-12.30 Lecture & practice
12.30-16.00 Lunch and time off
16.00-19.00 Lecture & asana practice
19.00 Dinner

Day 14 Departure day
7.30–8.00 Meditation
8.00-9.30 breakfast and checking out

All three meals are included (except from arrival day: only dinner, and departure day: only breakfast). All meals will be vegan/vegetarian.
There will be an afternoon off during the training; this will be scheduled according to the progressions of the course.
There may also be extra sessions for reviewing the material when needed. Those sessions are optional.

Checking in and out

On ariving day you can check in from 14.00 on, note that there is no food or lunch in the centre yet, check out is before class on the last day and leaving is around 12.00 after the last class.



The 2019 price of the Yin & functional vinyasaYoga teacher Training 200 hours Portugal is:

shared room 4 ppl. € 4372,-
shared room 2 ppl. € 4770,-
single room € 5610,-
Including full tuition, manual, room and board and a year The Fat Yogis membership.
Excluding plane ticket and transfer from/to retreat.
There will be 4 days off inbetween the courses, which are not included in the price, you can stay at D’Alijo during these days for € 50,- per day incl. breakfast. The dates are October 22 (check out day for course 1) – October 26 (check in day for course 2)

Where will we stay:

D’alijo Yoga Retreat Centre has a beautiful fully equipped yoga studio overlooking the gardens and valley, a dining/living area, and a beautiful pool, a large pond, Lush gardens, a biological vegetable garden. We have our own free range chickens and a couple of bee hives on the property.
There are a couple of rooms in the main house and several wooden chalet style houses under the old eucalypthis trees, facing a natural creek.
The estate is remote, surrounded by nature and has a couple of great hiking trails, which can lead you to rivers and waterfalls. The closest town, Cabeceiras de Basto, is about 12 minutes by car. Guimaraes a Unesco listed beautiful city to visit and just 25 minutes away. Porto and Braga are within the hour as well as an other unesco site: the Duoro Port and wine region, the oldest still producing wine region in the world


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Both Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis Heil have studied intensively with Paul and Suzee Grilley, Anat being one of the main assistants during their Teacher Trainings and completed her 1000 hour study with Paul and Suzee Grilley.

Anat Geiger
Other than having become a landmark of Yin Yoga, Anat is the soul of the YogaGarden. Her classes are not only seasoned with Yin and Yang but carried by wisdom, humor and strength. Anat’s yogic knowledge reaches deep and far and she holds every key to every teaching she has ever had and will use them to unlock whatever is needed at any given moment.

Marcel van de Vis Heil
Father to the YogaGarden, Marcel is a man of many yogic skills. He teaches his classes in a serene manner, observant and dedicated with a gentle eye for detail. His love for Anusara Yoga taught him to follow his heart, which inevitably brought him to Yin Yoga and Paul and Suzee Grilley. Following their teachings has widely broadened Marcel’s horizon and added to the foundation of the YogaGarden and their Teacher Training.

For yogis, the altar of worship is the spine.

Paul Grilley