• Unlimited yoga for € 69 per month!

    or € 59,- on a yearly base

For many years, YogaGarden has been running as a non-profit foundation: no budget for administration employees or promotion. Everything was done at below minimum cost, and the focus was always directed to yoga and yoga alone.

We continue to believe that this is the most transparent way of doing things, and the idealism that motivated us then continues to inspire us every day. At the same time, our yoga environment has changed immensely in those 13 years, and instead of hippies we now find yoga moguls on every corner, running commercially successful yoga businesses. We are faced with the challenge of keeping our idealism intact and surviving too. For instance: many of you have asked us for an unlimited monthly option, as many studios offer, but for that we need software, a front desk, someone behind that desk, an app, etc etc. And honestly, we love yoga but not necessarily all this other stuff. So we needed a partner, and we found one: our very own host, Health Club Jordaan. Together we hope to offer you the best of both worlds: YogaGarden’s legendary quality and experience in yoga and Health Club Jordaan’s infra structure and support.


What is new:

  1. All purchases will be done through the Health Club desk.
  2. We have monthly and yearly renewable subscriptions offering unlimited access to all yoga classes, the gym and sauna.
  3. You will still be able to purchase a 10 classes card which is valid for one year. The card is now digital, and your classes will be credited from your total when you come to class. The price went up for the first time in 13 years so we hope you will understand.
  4. To guarantee your place in class you will be able to reserve a spot via the app.
  5. You need to swipe your card at the Health Club desk before class.
  6. We will no longer charge you for our yearly membership. Instead you will pay a one-time fee of €29 for the card.


What remains the same:

  1. All classes and teachers remain the same. We hope to add new classes in the near future.
  2. Anat and Marcel remain at the helm of YogaGarden and are responsible for all yoga related affairs.
  3. YogaGarden remains a functional yoga studio, where your uniqueness is respected and cherished.
  4. You can always mail us your questions and comments at info@yogagarden.nl

From December 1st you can go to the Health Club Jordaan reception desk for all questions and purchases of classes, subscriptions and cards.

Price options:


Yoga Subscription

Unlimited access
to all yoga classes and sauna

• Monthly renewal: € 69
• Yearly renewal: € 59


All-in Subscription

Unlimited access
to all yoga classes and sauna
+ fitness and group classes offered by HCJ

• Monthly renewal: € 89
• Yearly renewal: € 79



10 classes card

€ 120 (valid for one year)
Unlimited access to all yoga classes and sauna.


Single class

€ 15


I still have many old class cards. Are they still valid?

Yes! You can exchange them for digital ones at the desk. Please come on time to do this as the process takes a few minutes.

Do I need to reserve a spot?

It is advisable, as is the only way to guarantee your spot. You can always come anyway and if the class is not full we will gladly welcome you.

How do I reserve a spot?

Scroll down for a demo

When can I reserve?

You can reserve 48 hours in advance and cancel until 2 hours before the class.

What happens if I reserve and I don’t come to class?

After reserving a class you have until 2 hours before the class begins to cancel your reservation. If you don’t cancel on time and don’t show up your class will be discounted from you card, as you will holding a spot for someone else.

I don’t have a smartphone, how can I reserve a spot?

Ask for help at the HCJ desk, they will help you out.

How to sign up for a class step by step

After you purchased a subscription or bought 10 class cards you are registered. You will receive an automated invitation to install the Healthclub Jordaan Virtualgym app. Once you have installed the app, and signed up you can book classes. If you experience any difficulties with downloading or installing you can ask the people at the reception for help:

1. Open de app

2. Go to rooster, and select Yoga

3. Select the class you want to attend

4. Press reserveer nu, you are now signed up, you’ll get an confirmation email and you see the green check in the schedule. When the class is full you can press ‘wachtlijst’. This is the waiting list, you will get an email when someone cancels class. Make sure you then sign-up for your class.

5. If you want to cancel class, go to the class you signed up for (the one with the green check) and press ‘annuleer reservering’ again you will get an confirmation via email.

You can sign up 48 hours before class, and cancel max. 2 hours before class starts. Make sure you cancel in time if you don’t want to come, not cancelling will cost you a class from your card!

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