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Welcome to the YogaGarden Teacher Training!

Yoga has become very popular in our times; we’re happy it is so, as we sincerely believe that yoga can contribute to our evolution as people, increasing well being, self-knowledge and peace in our lives. But yoga is so much more than learning a few postures and a few quotes; it is actually a life time commitment, as we practice daily on and off our mats. A thorough, clear, accessible training will create the base for a life time of study and of fun.

The first rule in yoga is do no harm and a strong anatomy foundation will guide us on our way. This knowledge has to be brought to life by deep compassion and wisdom, and it is this combination of Anatomy and Philosophy that form the base of all our trainings.

We offer the following teacher trainings:


200 Hours

This course is a classic: anatomy, philosophy, technique of postures, a variety of workshops on different topics, from use of voice to pregnancy yoga, and lots of practice. A 200-hour course meant for students who enjoy physical movement and wish to receive a broad, intense first education in yoga.


In depth studies
100 Hours

This course is specifically designed for those who have already followed a basic course and wish to learn more about anatomy, technique, sequencing and philosophy. The aim is to enable teachers to generate creativity and depth in their practice and their teachings.

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Yin Yoga & Chakra studies
100/200 Hours

Our crème de la crème: this training is based on Paul and Suzee Grilley’s, the founders of Yin Yoga, with whom we have been studying for many years. We cover all the anatomical principles, poses, chakras, meditation and much, much more. A high quality course for those wishing to deeper, learn much and develop themselves.

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This train is fully booked, please see our TT3A training


Amsterdam 2018 and Ghent

Yin Yoga & Anatomy studies
50 Hours

One of our most popular formats, this training offers 50 packed with information and practice for anybody who wishes to have an introduction to the anatomical principles and the yin yoga poses. Level 2 is planned for the beginning of 2018 and offers a deepening of these studies and adds chakra theory and meditation to the curriculum.


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Yin Yoga – Chakra studies
Level 2
50 Hours

April 16-22 2018

We are happy to announce that we are offering a Chakra Studies Intensive in Cadzand. In this Level 2 module we explore the chakra’s, their manifestation within body and mind and the corresponding meditations.


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100 Hours

July, 27 – August 9, 2017

A unique collaboration between Moon Yoga Club and YogaGarden. An Intensive teachertraining, in the middle of summer. This training wil be held in Bergen, a beautiful beachtown in the north of Holland. A real Summer Camp! Anatomy, Yoga, Meditation and Chakra’s are the keywords. Join Us in our first 100 hour Yin yoga and Chakra’s intensive!

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Yin Yoga & Chakra studies
100 Hours

May 21 – June 3 2018

We are very happy to announce that in the spring of 2018 we will lead our 100 hours YGTT3 abroad, this time in North Portugal!

Our focus is on Yin and Yang.

YogaGarden focuses on the Taoistic principles of Yin and Yang, the two fundamental and complementary main forces of the Universe. Yang is characterized by strength, rhythm and repetition, Yin by softness, stillness and ease.

A healthy and fulfilled life contains a healthy balance of both these aspects: too much Yang can turn someone rigid and aggressive, too much Yin may result in weakness or depression. It is part of our Yoga practice to develop the intuition and the wisdom to know what we need and when we need it. Some people are more prone to yin, others to yang, but everybody needs both. And the practice of postures is just the beginning: as the mind calms down and the body opens up, a well of vibrant energy emerges, allowing us to explore our full potential as human beings.

The two main pillars of our trainings are anatomy and philosophy. We believe that both disciplines are fundamental in learning to understand our bodies and those of our students, as well as our patterns of behavior, strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is what guides us towards understanding and transcending our challenges and struggles.



All our trainings are led by Marcel van de Vis Heil and Anat Geiger, both teachers with extensive experience, who have taught students and formed teachers for many years.

Marcel and Anat are both E-500 RYT (experienced registered yoga teachers) by Yoga Alliance and provide both 200 and 300 hours Yoga Alliance recognized trainings: registry ID:118459. After fininshing one or more YogaGarden trainings you can sign up at Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200 or RYT 500 teacher.

All YogaGarden trainings are bi-lingual (Dutch and English)

Teachers in our trainings are:

Anat Geiger
Yoga teacher

Marcel van de Vis Heil
Yoga teacher

Katrin Kögel

Mark van der Laan

Wessel Wallert
Kundalini Yoga

Sanne Kerkhof
Pre-natal Yoga

Sandra van Seters

Ehud Neuhaus

Pray like you only live one day, Study like you live a hundred years

B. Franklin