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Yoga can be practiced in all aspects of life, also outside the mat. That’s why our studio is a non-profit organization: it exists to provide an independent space for teachers and students to come together and practice. There are no investors on the background and all our teachers have completed at least two of our teacher trainings. We keep our prices at what we think is fair for the teachers and healthy for the environment. Our commitment is to create a friendly and safe place where all students can practice at whatever level that suits them: physically, mentally or spiritually.


It’s a bit old fashioned, but we embrace that: we ask members to donate €25 per year to the studio. That’s the money we use to buy flowers, environmentally friendly cleaning products, print schedules and update our site. In exchange, YogaGarden members receive big discounts on single classes and all events in the studio.

Pay €11 for classes instead of €15
Valid for one year


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10 class cards

Don’t want to worry about bringing cash to the studio? We understand. We offer a package with 10 class cards for a discount (you get one whole class for free). They don’t expire so you never have to worry about the holidays or that annoying cold that left you in bed for a week (not that we ever get them of course). For members only.

Pay even less: €10 for classes
Cards do not expire


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Season Specials

A few times a year we offer this super special deal to give your practice a boost and we want to support that in any way we can. Those cards have a 3-month expiration date, but the deal is so good that even if you don’t use them all it is still worth it. And we make it even sweeter: money from unused cards go to a charity.

€7 per class
Valid for three months


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Regular prices

Payments in cash only, we don’t accept bank or credit cards.

Prices General
Try out class € 12,00
Single class with membership € 11,00
Single class without membership € 15,00
Meditation donation

Just remember that I am, and that I support the entire cosmos with only
a fragment of my being.

Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita