We can learn to unbreak
our own hearts

We can only be Free
if we truly believe in Freedom

Practice is the effort of being there

Yogis are the warriors
of compassion

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The YogaGarden

YogaGarden was founded in 2004. Surrounded by a beautiful garden in the heart of Amsterdam, our studio has one main goal: to offer high quality yoga classes to a broad public while keeping a safe and intimate atmosphere, where every single student finds space to learn and grow.

Students from all ages, backgrounds and inclinations can find here a place to practice; different styles suit different people and therefore our classes are varied while remaining true to the ancient principles of Yin and Yang.

YogaGarden studio 3

We believe that yoga can be practiced in all aspects of life, also outside our mats
. That's why our studio is a non-profit organization: it exists to support teachers and students in their practice and development. We work as a cooperative of teachers, where all work is done by us, without personnel, and we are committed to finding a balance between staying true to our vision and surviving in the ever-growing yoga world.

Our commitment is to create a friendly and safe environment for beginning and experienced students to practice on any level that suits them: physically, mentally or spiritually. Classes can be physically challenging or very gentle, and everything in between. A calm, middle-sized studio for the true city warriors.

Non-profit organization YogaGarden is led by Marcel van de Vis Heil and Anat Geiger, both teachers with vast experience and education.